A word from our honorary patron

I am very proud to sponsor Fondation Jasmin Roy. Having myself been a victim of bullying during my adolescence, it is impossible for me to remain impassive towards a problem the consequences of which are devastating for some. There is an urgency to act now to remedy this problem.

To do so, we must support the people and organizations who work hard for this cause. I support Fondation Jasmin Roy because it knows that bullying starts at school.  It is essential to equip and train our teachers to better prepare them to help those who suffer from bullying.

With your support, we will reach our goal. Do not be afraid to have the courage to say «no» to bullying.

– Sophie Desmarais, Honorary Patron

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A word from our president

After over three years, I am proud to see that my initiative has touched the majority of Quebecers by supporting in one way or another the collective outcomes intended to fight school bullying.

Together, we encourage students to act respectfully and positively with their peers, and within the community. Together, we can change mentalities about this plague that has so often been trivialized. We also ensure a bullying-free future way beyond schools; today’s youth will be tomorrow’s workers, consumers and society leaders. They will be the ones who will hand over the torch to future generations.

On behalf of Fondation Jasmin Roy, I thank you for your support and your commitment to students!

– Jasmin Roy, President and Founder

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Our mission

The mission of Fondation Jasmin Roy is to fight discrimination, bullying and violence against primary and secondary school children.

What we do in schools

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The Foundation and bullying: statistics

The Foundation and bullying: statistics